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>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! it's thirsty thursday october 18th. wish you could have seen what just happened. you think the olympics are over, but no. we had about five seconds before we went on the air. >> and we needed our -- >> and hoda said, gary, could we have some wine? . he carried these over running and didn't drop, not a drop. god bless you, jerry. >> what a beautiful day it is, october the 18th. >> you know what?
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it is a good day. 26 years ago today frank and i were married. i can't believe it. >> oh, my gosh. what are you doing for your anniversary? >> oh, my god, come on, let's go back in time. >> could have used one of my songs. >> why when you can use barbara streisa streisand? is this your wedding picture? >> one of them. >> for your anniversary, i think it's time for a toast. frank couldn't be here because he's not here. we have two hunks are going to come. >> when you're a little lonely go to texas and jersey. hey, it's a little bit scandalous. thank you, honey. thank you, texas. thank you very much, guys. want to stick around for my anniversary party? >> by the way, they are here for a reason. the sexiest guys have been
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selected. we'll meet all 50 of them. >> they were keeping them away from me. usually our guests are downstairs with me usually? there was not one cosmo guy down there. they were protecting you, right? all right, guys. >> thank you both. >> we are going to have a quiet -- i'm in previews. listen to my voice. i was doing a talk back till about midnight last night. frank is going to drive in. we are going to have a little bite to eat at one of our favorite little restaurants, then he's going to go home and i'm going to go back to "scandalous." >> that's good. >> yes, i doubt we'll be breaking a chandelier tonight. >> we were with a hunky guy yesterday. >> mario lopez. >> we helped him out with "extra." we didn't see it because you were busy and so was i. >> what were you doing? >> that is not your concern. here is what we went on with the antics with mario. >> in the middle of like times square area. >> i look at you and you look like women that can move.
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>> little salsa here. okay? here. oh, wait, wait. oh, my gosh. i don't know if we can do this. there is a disappearing act after the show. >> that was on the air? oh, my gosh. that was one of those you think -- >> you know what? yesterday was a bad day for me in that sense. when i'm encouraged by people laughing, i sometimes can go overboard a tad. >> there was a lot of egging on. >> no. only the sound guys could hear stuff that was going on. there was a sound guy right in my line of sight who was dying laughing. it encouraged me, okay? if i went a little overboard, i'm sorry. >> yes, you did. okay. >> so brad pitt, it's the second act here. we told you all about his commercial the other day, which we keep having fun with. chanel is getting a lot of play off that. >> i don't know how many bottles they are selling.
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>> there is a second commercial now. it's not just brad but brad and two women. so it's a different version. we want to know if you think this is better than the last one. take a look. >> it's not a journey. every journey ends but we go on. the world turns and we turn with it. plans disappear. dreams take over. but wherever i go, there you are. my luck, my fate, my fortune. chanel number 5, inevitable. >> makes me want to giggle. i don't know why. >> does it a little? >> wherever i go, there you are. >> i don't disagree with everything you're saying. the journey's ends and we go on. >> no, we die. eventually we die. and plans, you know, dreams take over. i just -- here's the thing, too. >> what?
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>> if the woman in this ad had been angelina jolie -- >> then we would have believed it. >> sales would go through the freaking roof. >> you're right. . there you go. . you have it. you solved that problem. >> he has no connection to those women. we know about his connection with angelina, which everybody believes is real. that's just my two cents. we would love to know what your three cents are. >> juliana and bill say they are ready for baby number two. they had a baby through surrogate. she is a breast cancer survivor and froze her eggs. she is saying this is working out so well with her son duke they want to have another one. they've got a couple of embryos on ice and are ready to go. >> what is the shelf life of the embryos? >> i think if they are frozen -- >> that would be interesting. i wonder if they are sensing some time constraint. it has to happen in a certain time. it's awfully soon for the surrogate unless they will get a
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new one. >> they liked that one. >> they do, but that's hard on the body. the other thing is, their life is so good right now. people that have one child -- you do not understand until you have two how much -- you get double the joy, absolutely, but the work. god bless them whatever they decide. it's ultimately their choice. >> speaking of babies. uma thurman had a baby back on july 13th. a lot of people were wondering what was the name of the child. >> they hadn't announced it. "people" magazine got the exclusive. here is the name. please get ready with your pen and paper. are you ready? >> there will be a quiz. >> it is rosalind arusha arkadina altalune florence thurman-busson. but they are calling her luna. >> why not just name her luna? >> all those names are significant in some way. >> that is going to be her passport name? she has to fill that out every time? you know how many times you have
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to fill out forms in life? . >> the complete name. it won't fit on any of the things. >> these are not arbitrary things. >> arusha is a city in tanzania. who wouldn't want that? >> arkadina is a character. >> altaluna means high moon. >> at least we looked it up. it may have significance for them. >> luna is the third child for uma who is 42 and had two other children, maya 13 and levon with her ex-husband ethan hawk. >> if you're wondering which tv actors -- >> this is according to "forbes?" >> according to "forbes." >> this is from 2011 to may 2012. let's go from five down to -- okay. >> the top two are -- >> ashton kutcher is number one. >> he took over for martin sheen. >> $24 million. >> charlie, excuse me. >> hugh lorie of "house."
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number two with 18 million. >> and that's gone off the air. >> $18 million. poor guy he's going to be unemployed now. how about ray romano. $18 million for the reruns of his show and all those great movies he does. >> collecting residuals and his "ice age" voice. >> alec baldwin. >> $15 million. that show is also coming to an end. if you see them in the unemployment line. wish them well. and mark harmon. who is that silent, steady guy. >> love him. >> you never hear about him. i think he's still marry today p pam dawber. he is a really lovely guy and "csi" is one of the highest rated shows. they take it away so fast. >> i know. you guys know the five-second rule. you drop something on the floor and quickly scoop it up. >> i totally believe it. >> you eat it. >> yeah. not if you're in grand central you don't. >> every year the folks from clorox want to remind us the five-second rule isn't true.
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let's watch this scene from "seinfeld" which makes you think it is. >> it was not trash. >> was it in the trash? >> yes. >> then it was trash. >> it wasn't down in. it was sort of on top. >> but it was in the cylinder. >> above the rim. >> adjacent to refuse is refuse. >> it was on a magazine and still had the doily. >> was it eaten? >> a little bite. >> well, that's garbage. >> have you ever eaten anything out of the trash? >> i did last week. i'll be honest. someone had sent to me a homemade pie. all of a sudden i looked, i went to throw something away, i looked and it's sitting still in its little everything in the bottom of the trash. >> in the bottom?
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>> in the bottom, but it was in a clean bag, nothing else. it was the first thing put in the garbage. i thought, that's just wrong. somebody went to all the trouble to make it. i picked it up, wrapped it up in aluminum foil, not sure who ate it. i left it for everybody. frank doesn't like stuff. he was so poor growing up, he doesn't like -- what? right. he doesn't like leftovers. he will come in, get on a thing and come in and clean out the refrigerator. just when i'm getting home thinking i can't wait to eat the rest of that lamb chop. gone in the trash. sometimes you have to retrieve it. >> i don't think there is anything wrong taking something out of the top of the trash. >> have you ever thrown away like you've eaten six cookies, i can't eat those, i'm throwing them away. you throw them away in the trash. then later you rethink it. maybe i'll have one more. just one. >> i have never done that.
2:16 am
>> you look in and you go, oh, there's a napkin, something is in between. you take it out. >> no. >> what i do to prevent that, you take detergent or dove or anything, dawn, and you pour it on top. >> of what? >> of the cookie in the trash. so you don't get it. >> so you won't be tempted. it's covered with soap. that's the only way. that's it. >> we've got to do this. this is so great. this is my ihoda. >> it's called "seven day weekend." it's for my niece hannah who's watching. it's by a guy called jtx. it's a party song. picture the weekend starting and this is the song you want to hear. ♪ ♪ flip-flops and a snoop t-shirt yeah ♪ i'm feeling good called in sick to work ♪ at the drive through there's a hotty i know ♪ yeah she climbed right out the window ♪ and i took her to go hey
2:17 am
life's a radio ♪ turn it up to ten ♪ party people go ♪ call up all your friends rocking every night ♪ saturday forever "seven day weekend ♪ life's a radio ♪ turn it up to ten ♪ kicking off your clothes like we're doing it again ♪ laugh until we try ♪ saturday forever ♪ seven day weekend >> who are you? >> that is a party friday night getting ready in the car. crank it up. all right. see? they love it. >> no. they love me. >> okay. i'm happy for you. is it okay or not okay to change
2:18 am
your body shape for a role? >> to gain weight or lose weight. clooney gained, matthew mcconaughey lost. you say it's dangerous. only the individual can decide whether it's worth it. >> hoda said, yes, if it's for your craft. i personally vote for the gaining weight option. >> that's better and easier to do. >> especially if your raid your trash can every day. film franchise is ready to terrify movie goers around the world. "paranormal activity." >> we are talking to the "possessed" stars. new sequel hits the theaters. >> two women get ambushed by our team on the plaza. their new look revealed. first these messages. for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold.
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it's gummies for grown-ups. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. back in 2009 a small independent film called "paranormal" hit theaters. it brought in $190 million worldwide. >> after two sequels, the demon returned. a fourth installment. katie featherston is back.
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for more hauntings, take a look. >> going to be that weird kid from across the street. can you see him? >> what the hell? >> he's so creepy. >> what is he doing? >> freaky, right? >> what's going on? >> um, i don't know. >> what's happening? >> i don't know. >> front door open. back door open. >> what's going on? >> what? >> that blonde lady was not katie. there is a reason for that. katie is here with us. she was the form in the back. it's not revealed in this clip. why? what's going on here? >> they love to keep my involvement sort of under wraps every year. i think it adds to the surprise. >> not because she is a bad actress. >> i hope not.
2:22 am
no. i love being part of these. i think it's more fun if you go into it not knowing what to expect. as much as possible. >> we were reading those numbers it cost $15,000 to make in 2007 and brought in a killing. >> it's going to be every year, i would think. >> as long as fans stay excited, hopefully we'll stick around. it is because fans, they got behind us, they spread the word and come back every year which is so amazing for us. >> one of the fun thing about it trailers, you get to see how the audience is reacting while they are watching it. i think we have a clip to show before we talk about it. >> what's happening? [ screams ] >> even the boyfriend.
2:23 am
>> that's what sells it. if you like scary movies. there are people that stay away from them. they don't like to be scared. apparently they are in the minority. >> yeah. i love seeing these movies with an audience. if you're experiencing it for the first time, it's scary and fun. if you're me and watching the crowd, it's even a better show. >> you know what's going to come. >> yeah. >> do you enjoy watching these movies that you're in? do you get spooked by them? >> i can't watch them alone. the first one, i got a new version and i had to see it. i tried to watch it in my house and it was too scary. >> every sound takes on significance. >> yeah. >> since the first one cost $15,000 to make and they are costing more, have you noticed a difference in the type of production quality? >> they are really great staying with the same kind of tone and indie feel. it's a studio movie now so is it still a little bigger. it still feels like a giant family coming together and making a movie. >> you've only done these kinds of things.
2:24 am
are you open to romantic comedy? with matthew mccon hey here? >> i'm into it. comedy is next on my list. that is what i want to jump into this year. i'm excited about that. >> we wish you great luck. "paranormal activity" hits theaters tomorrow. >> sara haines has the webtastic and the pick of the bunch. >> what does that mean, hodi? >> i don't know. right after this. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
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time for our webtastic when sara searches the internet for the next big video you want to pass to your friends. >> this week it's all about an adorable preschooler who understands the show must go on. >> that's right. >> nothing can stop cal from his preschool graduation performance, not even a wedgy. check it out. >> his mom actually posted this. he was 3 at the time. with the striped shirt.
2:29 am
he's now 8. can you imagine looking and watching this some day? >> when you've got to get it, you've got to get it. >> he has no shame. >> he's in the front row, too. >> it's clearly bothering him. he hasn't forgotten the choreography, though. he is still working on that. he hasn't learned the discreet pull. and there he goes. and we're back there again. it clearly is bothering him. he is not dropping the ball in regard to time. >> he's adorable. you've got to do what you've got to do. >> his mom says he's taking the attention in stride and handling it like a star. that's something we want to start. >> thank you, sara. they've got new clothes, new hair and a new look. our ambush makeover from two lucky ladies from the plaza. >> and we are lucky because of
2:30 am
cosmo's bachelors. we'll have a game of truth or dare. >> first your local news. >> is that anthony? >> that's anthony. we are back on this thirsty thursday. 2@
2:31 am
2:32 am
it's time for "today's" plaza ambush makeovers. >> our crack makeover team is at it again on the plaza. contributor and stylist to the stars louis licari. >> it's kind of sad the whole world knows that. and "today" and "us weekly" contributor and author jill martin. >> nice crisp fall day out there. >> great crowd, great ladies. easy to pick two makeovers today. >> carol van buren is 63 years old from albany, new york.
2:33 am
she told us she can't do anything with her hoda hair. she begged us to help her tame her mane. oh, she does have my hair. >> carol has a lot to say. i'll hand you the mike. you tell kathie lee and hoda. >> good morning, kathie lee and hoda. want to let you know, you think you have hair problems? look at me. i need help. i'm going to have jill and louis help me today. especially here. this is horrible. so let's have a great time, i am ready. >> love it. >> she is adorable. >> i like it, especially here because she knows the spot. we have her daughter-in-law tracy. raise your hand. friends cindy and elaine. please keep on your blind folds till you give you the green light. here is carol van buren before. let's see the new hair. >> you look hot. wow! >> take off your blind folds, ladies. >> you look so hot. >> are you ready?
2:34 am
>> i'm ready. oh, my god! >> you look amazing. >> you look hot. >> wow. >> carol, would you look at that camera. >> what happened, louis? >> number one that is such a great haircut. you check that problem area she was talking about, the bangs she feels are thin and see-through and when it's more humid they become more frizzy. >> i thought you said human. >> humid. of course he gave her this great haircut. >> what do you think? >> she looks fabulous. she never does anything for herself. we are so happy. >> you feel pretty, don't you? >> i do. that dress is awesome on her. we are going out. >> she wanted something to go out in and was bossing me around what did i think i love? we started with the high boots
2:35 am
from nine west and this great sweater dress from london times. >> absolutely darling. >> go, carol. >> uber model. >> you can join your friends. >> thank you. >> reagan copeland is 44 from seattle, washington. she hasn't changed her hairstyle since college. her fashionable 12-year-old daughter asked us to give her a brand-new style. >> let's listen to her story. >> the coolest mom ever on a one-year sabbatical with your kids. you have no time to do anything for yourself, obviously? >> no, no. we are living out of suitcases. we are staying each place about three to four weeks so i need something easy. >> ready to go. >> ready to go. >> what do you think about mom getting a makeover? >> i'm really happy about it. she's been wanting one for a while. she has the same look for like 20 years. she needs like a good change. >> how old are you? >> 12. >> she's known that look 12 of the years.
2:36 am
i know you're going to rome so we are going to give you a great rome look. what do you think? she's speechless. we'll get going. >> what a beautiful family. all right. she is here with her kids roseland, carson, landon. allison and sell celeste. let's see the look for roma. oh, wow! kids, take them off. >> you look amazing, reagan. you want to look in the mirror? yes, you do. go, girl. >> oh, my god! >> the kids are going crazy. >> you look hot. that's all. tell us what you did, louis. >> first of all, now reagan is
2:37 am
ready for la dolce vita in rome. this is roman brown hair. it's simple, it's easy. she is worried about time, maintenance and money. this is easy to keep up. great haircut. she can wear it straight, curly and the deeper hair makes you look younger. it's beautiful. >> i love the shape. >> has a gorgeous sheen to it. >> do you guys love it? >> that outfit is the perfect fall outfit. >> i love it. i had every staple you need to go to rome. you need a great trench, jeans from nydj, the pants from cole just a great shell underneath and the shoes are nine west. >> what do you think, sweetie? >> i've never seen my mom in heels. >> don't get used to it. >> congratulations to arson for being in the "new york post" featured as the place to get your blowouts at louis licari's
2:38 am
salon. we have serious eye candy. in the house today and they're smart, too. >> that's right. they are the whole package. >> look at sara. >> look at anthony. >> 350 hottest bachelors after this. >> oh, my god. look at anthony. >> that's hysterical. 3q
2:39 am
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calling all the single ladies. it's that time of year when "cosmo" magazine comes out with 50 hottest bachelors in the country. >> these cuties includes an athlete and a news anchor and a neuroscientist. which one is he? >> texas. >> is he? here to give us a proper introduction is nicole beilen. she's "cosmo" feature director. every year you bring us a beautiful crop of men. >> these guys have been nominated by someone in their lives, usually a sister, a grandma, a mom, sometimes an ex-girlfriend. >> a grateful one.
2:43 am
>> a lot of people are going to look at these men saying i want to go out with them, they are all single. >> they can get involved with this. >> yes. you can contact these guys right now. go to use the #cosmobachelors. you can tweet them and find out what they are doing tonight and next week. there is one from every state. enough to go around for everyone. we had four weddings. >> i want to warn you, there are crazy women out there. >> crazy. >> we're going to play a game and there'll be a couple of guys selected individually. we'll play truth or dare. we'll pick from your individual state. >> okay. >> who is the first state? >> pick a good one. where is rhode island? come on out, rhode island. >> truth or dare. these are your choices. what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for a woman or do you want the dare which is take off your shirt and flex your muscles for the camera?
2:44 am
>> i'll go with true. >> okay. >> girl couldn't sleep at night so i decided to drive 300 miles at midnight to see her and help her fall asleep. >> and wake her up? >> help her sleep. >> that's very romantic. >> thank you, mr. rhode island. >> god bless you. >> idaho. where's idaho? >> i like this. let's do this tomorrow. >> okay, hides, here you go. >> here's the question, what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on a date or show us your best dance moves. come on. crank it up. >> dance. >> we need a little music. >> crank it up. >> i'll dance. i'm a fire dancer, but i have no fire tonight. ♪ >> you've got enough.
2:45 am
>> you pick the next one. >> this is fun. >> we're going to cancel our other segment. >> alabama. >> here we go. truth or dare. the truth is look straight at the camera and give us your best pick-up line or take off your shirt and flex your muscles. >> oh, yeah. there you go. >> i think what we should do for everybody is take off your shirt and flex your muscles. one round, come on. >> it's called sexual exploitation. >> do it. do it. you know you got in it for that reason. >> do it. don't be shy. >> just look around. >> when we say one, two, three,
2:46 am
flex. because some of you are very slow on the draw. one, two, three, flex! >> this is a good angle, too. >> all these guys will be in the november issue of "cosmopolitan." >> we'll have a different kind of fun. i don't want to carve pumpkins. >> me, either. i want to hang out with the guys. >> you go carve some pumpkins. >> thank you, guys. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egg gather with egger with the forecast. this afternoon getting into the weekend we still have some chilly changes across the ohio valley, the upper midwest. a few scattered showers, not a lot of rain but you're definitely going to notice the wind still blowing here for the high plains in the midwest. it's cooler than i should be this time of year. and some rain will start to push into the northeast today. dry for the southeast, dry back into the rockies. but another storm moving into the pacific northwest. that's your friday outlook. these are what your temperatures are like for the afternoon.
2:47 am
51 will be the high in chicago. much of the day will be spent in the 40s here. louisville up in minneapolis. we've got a chilly day. 67 will be the high in new york city. by saturday that cold front moves out so we dry out from new york down into d.c. a few lingering showers for the ohio valley, looking great for the southern plains. here's that shift in the weather keeping the rain and the cool air for the pacific northwest. and eventually our snow levels will drop. we'll see some snow falling in the cascades. about 3,000 feet or so. 59 in chicago on saturday. we've got a warm 84 in dallas, 86 in houston. 60s here across the eastern seaboard. still warm in southern california but not nearly as warm as it has been. we've got more of an onshore flow so we'll be closer to 70 degrees. 62 in san francisco on sunday. 73 in denver. here comes that cold front. that's going to change things up here across the high plains once again early next week we'll get cooler weather, more wind, and more scattered showers and a
2:48 am
chance of some thunderstorms pushing into the nation's heartland. on tuesday more showers scattered across chicago and into the great lakes. we're still stuck in this pattern. so seems like week after week this is where our track is for some of the storms. pretty quiet across the south. remember you can wake up with al week day mornings at 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. on the weather channel. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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2:50 am
it's time to have a happy halloween today, a real happy halloween. every year parents and good-looking guys head out to pick the perfect pumpkin. such a family pick to bring back home and carve. i can't wait till these guys show up at my house for my anniversary. >> if stabbing a knife into a gourde freaks you out, here is how easy it can be we want to thank our cosmo guys sticking around. >> and being exploited further
2:51 am
by our producers. >> tell us how easy it can be. >> it is so easy. there are lots of great kits. it's supposed to be fun, doesn't need to be perfect. there are examples of these gorgeous perfect pumpkins out there but it's supposed to be a fun family time. a tradition that you can continue to do with your family. if you want to buy the kits, you can. a lot come with stencils, but i love using wood carving tools. we use masking tape to keep our lines straight. after you're done you peel it off and we use these tools. this might be more of a teenager kind of. >> a dainty pumpkin. >> exactly, but it's pretty and sweet. use the battery-powered candles inside. put vaseline on the cutout areas and that will hold the moisture in. they'll last a little bit longer. >> the guys like that. >> you guys learning something? >> of course they are. >> this is unique. >> this pumpkin has a lot of personality.
2:52 am
when you're out picking pumpkins, you want to look for a healthy pumpkin that is orange without green spots. >> one that doesn't stink is what i want. >> and you want to pick one with a little bit of personality already. we added more by tipping it over on its side. we used the stem as the nose. >> that's very cute. >> we gave it a zorro mask. >> that was very inexpensive. >> and very easy. this one we used one of the templates on. a lot come in the tools or you can download them online, as well. we carved them out. i didn't want to clean out the whole inside of the pumpkin because that would be messy. so i just cut out a little bit on the front instead of carving all the way through. i cut out a little bit here and stuck in these googly eyes i got at a craft store. you can use ping pong balls or draw with a marker. >> and fido? >> all the dogs are getting in on the action. pet smart recommends we put
2:53 am
treats at the front door for the dogs, as well, that they can be trick-or-treating. >> what if the kid gets confused and starts eating them? >> you really want to monitor. >> these are cute little dog bones. we want the dogs that get dressed up -- get in on the action. >> a lot of people dress up the animals. not sure the animals are thrilled. >> you put the water out for them, you can serve soup or all different things. >> i'm going to ask you to make these with me, if you will. this is very easy. this is no mess pumpkin carving. take your sharpy. there you go. you draw the web on. just draw a web. it doesn't need to be perfect. >> it can't be when i can't see. >> we get it. >> then take your knife and stab it with a wide shot. i knew you would have fun with that. wherever you want the spider to
2:54 am
be. stab it in. wiggle it around. >> would you like to help me? step up here. >> take one of the spider rings. >> i'll help you. i'll get behind you and help you. >> these are these inexpensive spider rings. >> she is still talking. >> take about an hour and a half to do that, right? >> take the ring part goes in there. >> who cares? >> thank you. kimberly, thanks. guys, thank you. >> you guys are such great sports, thank you so much. >> we're going to talk about dieting mistakes how you might be sabotaging your weight loss. first this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
2:57 am
when it comes to dieting, you've probably done it all, whether it's cutting carbs, skipping meals or a liquid cleanse, fast fads can sabotage your weight loss in the long run. >> ha how can you avoid setting yourself up for failure? >> heidi is a nutritionist for a hospital in new york. >> we've all tried, cutting out bread completely or cutting out sweets or skipping a meal thinking that will help us lose weight. those usually don't work, do they? >> the greatest gift i could give my clients is help them figure out how to eat and not diet. there are things that we do that sabotage ourselves. that all or none thinking. i'm never going to eat a cookie again. so you want to eat all the cookies now. because you're never going to do it. as opposed to i'll have it
2:58 am
tomorrow. it's a tricky thing. >> should you set goals? i'm not going to eat cookies for three days but i'll have one on sunday. >> if that works for you. usually there is a difference in between inhibition and restriction. reriction doesn't seem to work. inhibition where you realize i can't eat the whole row of cookies. i'll have two, two tomorrow. >> hoda can't stop at two. >> i can't stop. when you eat, if you measure diet up or whatever it is in the morning, what i do is i feel like i'm already off it so i'll ruin the whole day. i'll start on tuesday. >> it is reframing. you didn't actually gain weight, you may not lose weight for that day but you didn't gain it. why magnify that, compound that by totally pigging out? >> what about calories we don't keep track of. >> there are healthy snacks now. you have to train yourself to like them if you love fritos, it's hard to give them up, but if you start eating edamame, you realize it's delicious.
2:59 am
>> the thing is to realize if you want salty, being salty peanuts or potato chips, maybe go for salty but something healthier. salty edamame or cut it like a chip but cucumbers and put a little salt on them. and you're getting that craving. >> gogo squeeze is apple sauce. portable. only 60 calories. >> why don't you eat an apple? >> there is something about, sometimes you want something more liquidy. three quarters of a piece of fruit. getting nutrition. here is a sugar-coated wheat. it's crunchy and sweet. >> often it's the desire to chew. >> sweet is the most important. >> this is creamy or do the raspberries. or sorbet. and portions. >> tomorrow helen hunt.

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